Plants for Bathroom

plants for bathroom

Plants can make a beneficial yet beautiful addition to the bathroom. But, not all plants can take up the humidity, and some may need extra care. So, let us look at some of the plants that can do well in the bathroom.

1. Bamboo: Bamboo is the easiest plant to maintain. It does not need soil and grows well in a jar filled with stones and water. The plant is said to be lucky to have in the house. You can keep a couple of them in the bedroom and living room as well.

2. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is used in cosmetics for its skin health benefits. If you have an Aloe Vera plant in your bathroom, you can take out the Aloe Vera juice from its leaf and use it has a face pack. It conditions the skin and keeps it hydrated.

3. Ivy: Ivy plant is used by NASA as an air purifier. The reason is enough for anyone to add it to the bathroom.

4. Philodendrons: They are beautiful to look at and can absorb the steam from the bathroom. It is a perfect plant to add to the shower area. 

5. Snake Plant: The Snake plant is also an air purifier. It filters harmful toxins emitted by household products such as cleansers.

6. Lily: The Lily plant is often used to decorate the area. The plant has air purification properties, which makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom.

7. Chinese Evergreens: The plant requires medium sunlight and needs humidity and warmth to grow.

8. Boston Fern: The plant can add colors to the bathroom.

9. Begonias: The plant flourishes with fluorescent lighting, which makes them a perfect fit for all types of bathrooms.

10. Orchids: Orchids love humid and damp environments. They grow well when placed near a window for some sunlight, which doesn’t necessarily direct.  

Plants are surely great choices when you’re wondering what kind of decor can brighten up your home. if you want some that would fit in well in your bathroom, then the above options might be good for you to consider.