Smart Home Remodeling Ideas on Budget

home remodelingWant to remodel your house, but don’t have enough budget to spare? Relax, we have gathered a list of top home remodeling ideas for you to choose from and had a stylish home ready in the budget.

1. Paint the walls: It is easy and pocket friendly to have the room refreshed with paint. You can choose to paint the room yourself and save on hiring a contractor.

2. Crown Molding: Crown molding adds charm and value to a home. You can make a plain room into a luxurious place by adding crown molding.

3. Low-Cost Stair Runner: DIY stair runner should be your choice, for they make the stair anti-slippery and colors to space.

4. Energy-Efficient Dishwasher: If you have been using the old dishwasher for years. It is time to have it replaced with an energy-efficient dishwasher. It will make the kitchen area look attractive and would also help reduce electricity bills.

5. Vintage Entry Lantern: Wondering what kind of decor can brighten up your home? This is it. It doesn’t cost much to have a lantern installed. An old lamp at the entry of the house will attract guests to the home.

6. Paint the Floor: If you cannot afford to have the floor polished, try painting it. You can even add patterns on the floor to match the paint of the walls.

7. Add Privacy Shutter: Your refreshed home would attract the spying eye of the neighbors. It is good to have an interior shutter installed for added privacy.

8. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets: Give your kitchen a new look by changing the paint of the kitchen cabinet. Paint a lighter shade of color for a beautiful transformation.

9. Bathroom Vent Fan: Installing a ventilating fan in your bath does more than eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors, and stale odors. It also helps prevent moisture-related problems, such as the growth of mold and mildew, which can be costly to remove and lead to health problems.

10. Ceiling Fan: Installing a ceiling fan is relatively simple, especially if space above is accessible from an attic. In summer, ceiling fans create cooling breezes, which reduce the strain on air conditioners. In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm.

Hopefully, the above tips have helped you out. Happy building!