What Kind of Decor Can Brighten Up Your Home?

home decor

Although you have painted the walls of your abode, replaced your old tile flooring, and given a new lease of life to your old wooden furniture, there are chances that you may find your space downright unwelcoming and ordinary. Here we are with some ideas to brighten up space inside the house.

1. Add vibrant cushions/curtains: An ideal way to brighten up your space would be to decorate your room in vibrant colors and furnishing. Instead of the dull whites and creams, choose the curtains in bold colors like indigo, purple and yellow. Mix different patterns, hues, and sizes and choose cushions with bold prints to make it eye-catching.

2. Enhance your lighting: From the simple single bulbs to dramatic beaded chandeliers, dress up your space with attractive ceiling lights and ceiling pendants funky and unusual. Create a different ambiance for your space by choosing lights in many different finishes and materials.

3. Add a plant: Plants are great space breakers. They bring natural light and life to any room. To bring more light to a room you want to place smaller plants in areas that seem too dark in the room.

4. Add Mirrors: Mirrors are great when you want to bring light into a room. They reflect on the light that is currently in the room and expand the area they are placed in. Therefore, they help absorb any darkness that the room may have. You do not need to place mirrors everywhere in the darkroom, instead consider adding a few pieces on the wall to open up space.

5. Embrace the Darkness: Seems counteractive, but adding contrast with dark pieces to the darkened room will brighten it up. The idea behind this is adding dark pieces and light pieces to the room give it a natural balance. Therefore, causing you to have a brighter room with just the right amount of darker tones you may enjoy.

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